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What's it like working for Dolce & Verde?


In a word, awesome. We are more than just a bunch of people who work together, we're more like a small gang of coffee soaked geeks.


First and foremost we create happy environments where quality can flourish and staff can enjoy what they do best - serving excellent coffee and food.


From roastery and coffee machine factory visits to monthly staff pancake breakfasts and team dinners, Dolce and Verde is a fun but quality lead business where people can excel.


Our mission is to bring people up through the company and into general management of their own stores as we grow.



Also, turnips.


Harry Murphy




Coffee Geeks wanted..


At Dolce & Verde we strive for the highest quality in all aspects of our business and that starts first and foremost with our people.


Please get in touch if:

-You have a genuine passion for excellent coffee & food.

-You can bring humour, warmth & care to your work.

-You care about quality.

-You are positive, creative & energetic.

-You are just one of those people who will always go the extra mile.




Send your CV with a short paragraph about yourself and your experience to:


We look forward to hearing from you.